Information on Troup Siblings

Where I am aware of marriage details of the various siblings of my Troups,(or think I am)
they are recorded here. If anything strikes you as wrong or looks familiar, I'd appreciate information to add or correct.

Parents- David Troup and Isabella Allardyce (married 1848 Alford, Aberdeenshire)

Alexander Anderson Sutherland Troup

Born:17th July 1858, Rhynie and Essie, Aberdeenshire
Married: Anne Collier
Died: 18th May 1943
Children:William(1894), Alexander(1888), Ann Isobel(1890)

Isabella Troup

Born: 11th March 1863, Rhynie and Essie, Aberdeenshire
Married: William Alexander Diack
Died: 2nd October 1940
Children:Alexander, Alfred, Isabella, Williamina Mary, Edward

Harry Gauld Troup

Born: 27th July 1867, Rhynie and Essie, Aberdeenshire
Married: Margaret Addison
Died: 1923
Children: ?

David Troup

Born: 6th July 1852, Rhynie and Essie, Aberdeenshire
Married: Jessie Allardyce
Died: 1942
Children: ?

Parents- Alexander Troup and Christian Ferries (married 1830 Tarland and Migvie, Aberdeenshire)

Charles Troup

Born:13th March 1834, Coull, Aberdeenshire
Married: Helen Middleton
Died: 4th June 1922
Children: Alexander(1859)

Christian Troup

Born: 21st November 1836, Coull, Aberdeenshire
Married: John Birss, 1862
Died: 2nd October 1940

Alexander Troup

Born: 6th June 1848, Coull, Aberdeenshire
Married: Margaret Troup
Children: Charles Alexander(1880), James(1870), Mary Margaret(1882)

Isabella Troup

Born: 4th July 1840, Coull, Aberdeenshire
Children: Alexander Anderson Troup(1868)

Parents- Hary Troup and Agnes Davidson(married 1876 Birse,Aboyne, Aberdeenshire)

Hary Troup

Born:13th May 1789, Coull, Aberdeenshire
Married: Elizabeth Walker, 1816, Aboyne
Children: William(1817), Robert(1825), Elizabeth(1831), John(1835), Joseph(1838), James(1820)

Joseph Troup

Born: 27th November 1794, Coull, Aberdeenshire
Married: Elizabeth Grant, 1821, Coull
Died: 30th October 1865
Children:Hary(1825),William(1821),James(1833),Anne(1823),May(1834), Mary(1836), Joseph(1827), Elizabeth(1829)

William Troup

Born: 11th November 1800, Coull, Aberdeenshire
Married: Sara Witcomb, 1826, Coull
Died: 10th January 1890
Children: Charles(1844), Harry(1833), Margaret(1837), Ann(1835),Duncan(1839),Marianne(1848), William(1828),Alexander(1829),John(1831)

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